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Organic Rose Water

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Our Organic Rose Water ® is 100% pure and natural made from rose petals through the steam-distilled process. There are no artificial fragrances, chemicals, and preservatives added. It tightens pores, gently tones, and adds instant hydration. Rose Water naturally balances the skin’s pH and is an effective toner for any dry or sensitive skin.

“ 100 & Organic Rose Water ”
✔ All Natural
✔ No Preservative
✔ Balances Skin’s pH
✔ Smoothes Skin Irritation & Sunburns
✔ Hydrates your skin
✔ Balances Skin’s pH
✔ Pores minimizing
✔ Anti – Ace & Pimples
✔ Anti – Aging Benefits
✔ Reduces Puffiness
✔ Instant Hydration
✔ Adds shine to the Hair
✔ No side effects.
✔ 100% Natural ingredients.


How to Use:

For Skin: Spray on cleansed skin. The multifunctional properties tighten pores, gently tones, and balances pH levels. May also be used for instant hydration, before makeup as a primer, after makeup to set it, and throughout the day to keep your skin fresh, light, and glowing.

For Hair: Reduces dandruff and stimulates hair growth by applying to the scalp, restore lost moisture for smoother, shinier, and healthier hair.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our ingredients we use, 100% natural & organic.


Damascena Flower Water (Rose Water)

*Certified Organic