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4 Gond Penni (Gur Wali Premiun Quality) with Desi GHEE

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4 Gond Penni (Gur Wali Premiun Quality) with Desi GHEE
1 Kg with Tin Packaging Box Rs. 3250/-
Dc Rs. 200/-
4 Gond ke Laddu/ Penni is our very special desi energy balls recipe. A popular punjabi dish, also known as Panjeeri laddu these are considered healthy winter delights.
Gond ke laddu is a popular nutritious sweet dish made with desi ghee, Gond (edible gum), healthy nuts, roasted wheat, Roasted Chickpea Flour (Besan) and gur. must have delights in winters.
Ingredients for 4 Gond ke Laddu/ Penni
1. 4 Gond (very special)
2. Roasted Wheat
3. Organic (DESI GHEE)
4. Almonds
6. Kajo & Pista (Crushed)
7. Roasted Chickpea Flour (Besan)
8. Khaskhash (Poppy Seeds)
9. Kamar Kas
10. Dry Ginger Powder
11. Char Magaz
12. Organic Gur (Jaggery)
13. Home made with pure love.

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